parents are gods gift to us.

just imagine a life without them
they do everything for you and try to satisfy every need of yours that fits in their budget
– no parent asks to
for their benefit, its just that they have seen the world more than us and know that the basic need of today’s life is money and without money you stand nowhere . And to earn money in a respected way u need the above mentioned things :
LEARN – to apply skills in your daily life
STUDY – to earn grades and degree so u get a job with fat package.
BEHAVE – so u fit socially

We fight with our parents whenever they dont buy for us what we say

for eg: You want a laptop Before asking for these things have u ever thought about these :
~ Their budget
~ Their monthly expenditures on you:
> your food
> your school n tutorial fees
> your bills
> your clothing n accessories
> pocket money
> stationery
> medication ( whenever you get sick ,pills are not cheap these days)

When they can spend so much on you can’t you curb your needs
and trust me on this they’ll get you a laptop as soon as their budget fits and will try to fit the buget by putting your needs in front of theirs Now u may say that they don’t get us what we want even if their budget fits
– this is because they dont want to spoil you by giving you all the comforts without working hard for it
They immediately start thinking about the sideeffects (like in case of laptop)
》 you will spend most of your time in front of it
》 you concentration decreases ( scientifically proven that exposure to laptops , mobiles , TV kills ur nerve cells in the brain which do not reproduce ) 》 yoy will get indulged in unnecessary activities

So remember the next time when your temper gets high when u dont get something then think about these things:
♡ they already spend so much on u
♡ they have their own problems to solve ♡ the sleepless nights they spent for you
♡ their everlasting hands on your shoulder
♡ their desperate try to mould you into a person who can sustain its life in future
♡ and at last think about the day when they’ll be gone forever , leaving u alone and at that time you will suerly realize 

their value

So instead of spending your time shouting at them , give them a big hug
tell them its OK if they are not able to get you the thing and spend some time talking to them.

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